Powder Spraying

Advantages of powder coating

Dusting equipment for the powder paint spray to the workpiece surface and in the electrostatic interaction, the powder will be uniform adsorption on the surface of the workpiece, form the powder coating; powder coating by high temperature baking flow photocurable, into effect (powder coatings of different kinds of effects of different coating; spraying powder spraying effect in Mechanical strength, adhesion, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance etc. is better than painting process, cost is also with the effect of the painting under.

We have a seven meter long oven, the former treatment pool 16 (4.2 meters long 3.5 meters wide and 3.5 meters deep)

What product can do powder spraying?

aluminium alloy;
carbon steel;
Stainless steel;

Powder brands

Commonly used: AkzoNbel;Tiger; JOTUN;Also use PPG and Valspar. Please contact us if you need the performance of the material



The process of powder spraying

pretreatmenthangingdrying areagrinding areaManual dust removalElectrostatic dust removalspraying areadrying areaCooling zoneinspection areaReceiving area


In general, the thickness is between 60 and 120 μm , certainly,we can do it from 20 to 180μm .

Product pictures(Bracket,electric box,alumnium plug, wheel hub,electric appliance box,equipment accessories.etc)

Close up surface pictures

Flow lines

Test equipments