Advantages of anodic oxidation products

In order to overcome the aluminum alloy surface hardness, wear resistance and other aspects of the defect, expand application range, prolong the service life, surface treatment technology have become a indispensable in the use of aluminum alloy ring, and anodic oxidation technique is is currently the most widely used and the most successful. Anodic oxidation can be divided into hard anodic oxidation and conductive anodic oxidation

At the same time, the efficiency is high, the color gamut is wide, the color is bright, and the spray painting is not easy to lose the color, and the high temperature is stable.

Base material

Aluminum profile, aluminum plate


Red, blue, black, white, etc.

The process of anodic oxidation

polishing→hang→chemical oil removal→hot water cleaning→cold water cleaning→neutralization of sulfuric acid→pure water cleaning→chemical polishing→pure water cleaning→polish→pure water cleaning→anodic oxidation→pure water cleaning→dyeing→pure water cleaning→drying→testing


In general, the thickness is between 5 and 8μm , certainly,we can do it from 5 to 25μm .

(1)Double color oxidation(fishing gear)

(2)Hard anodic oxidation product photos

(3)Color anodic oxidation products

1.Production equipments

2.Test equipments